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Welcome to the UKWebAd Domain Book Page

Below is a selection of the best Books about Domain Names and DNS.

The books can be purchased by clicking on the “Check Price and Buy It” link below the review. Purchase is in association with Amazon so you can be sure of secure online payment and fast delivery.

ISBN 0873375696

This Quick & Legal book explains in plain English how to choose a name that works for your business and protect it once it's yours. It covers the different issues you need to consider if you're shepherding an existing business onto the Web, as well as what to do if you're launching an e-commerce start-up.

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ISBN 0764553178

These days, every business or organization needs a Web presence. But how to you find and register a memorable Web address? In this easy-to-follow guide, apreeminent domain name services firm walks you through the ins and outs of the domain name game, from registering and trademarking a new name to buying or selling an existing site.

ISBN 0879305150

Designed for system administrators, this handbook describes Internet domain policies and procedures; investigates the debates, confusion and conflicts people face while registering domain names for their WWW sites; and details attempts to reconcile Internet name use with Trademark law.

ISBN 0754514919

Domain names are significant corporate assets and with over 36 million domain names registered worldwide businesses need to protect these assets accordingly. This new title from Tolley provides a practical and user-friendly guide to the legal, best practice and procedural issues relating to domain names. It is clearly written, succinct and avoids using complicated legal jargon.

ISBN 0742528103

Few people think of an Internet domain name like .us or .in as anything other than an address--when, in fact, it often serves as a roadmap to national identities and priorities. Addressing the World looks behind eleven of the 240 global domain names, from the United States and Australia to Moldova and East Timor.

ISBN 0199278253

This work, edited and written by leading experts in the fields of domain name dispute resolution and trade mark law from around the world, provides a comprehensive analysis of the law and practice relating to internet domain names at an international level, combined with a detailed survey of the 27 most important domain name jurisdictions worldwide, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, China, Singapore, Russia, Canada and Australia.

ISBN 0596001584

DNS and BIND is an explanation of the glorious Domain Name System (DNS). DNS takes familiar Internet network and machine names and converts them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are meaningful to routers and so useful for identifying the machine you want to reach. The work of Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu, now in its fourth revision, has long been considered a classic among systems administrators and network architects, particularly those with a UNIX bent.

ISBN 0596002300

DNS on Windows 2000 concerns itself with small and large-scale DNS issues. That Microsoft likes to implement network services in its own way--some would call this innovation; others would say it's reinventing the wheel--is news to no one. The folks from Redmond have built Domain Name Service (DNS) capability into Windows 2000 Server, and sure enough, the implementation differs from all those that preceded it. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just unique, and DNS on Windows 2000 explains how.


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